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Reasonably Priced Retractable Main


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I started out with no interest in retracts, but now I want them. But I have yet to find a set that, IMHO, are reasonably priced. I do not understand why certain vendors are getting 5k+ for their mains?


Is anyone aware of a reasonably priced solution? I am not cheap and am not willing to buy inferior parts, but 5k seems like a lot for what I have seen.


Any thoughts?

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I assume you are referring to the infinity gear. It's supply vs. demand. J.D.'s supply can't keep up with the demand at $5,000 per set, so the price will not come down anytime soon. I'd imagine that he'd still have trouble keeping up if the price was increased.


While I also wish the price was lower, from what I've seen, the gear is solid and well-constructed. I started with wanting retracts, and have beat myself into accepting the thought of using fixed mains. Times and financial circumstances may change though.


-- Len

-- Len Evansic, Cozy Mk. IV Plans #1283

Do you need a Flightline Chair, or other embroidered aviation accessory?

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Well, you've already found the one and perhaps only retracts made to retrofit to a canard-type aircraft.


(1) Infinity Retracts


There are other systems in use:


(2) Shirl Dickey retract design -- used on E-Racers and Berkuts

(3) Velocity retract design -- don't know if they would be retrofitted.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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I started out with no interest in retracts, but now I want them.

I started out with every interest in retracts, but now I don't want them. :)


Is anyone aware of a reasonably priced solution?

The only other option on top of what Wayne points out is to pick up a partially completed project. I did see a set of Berkut gear get sold at www.condorsales.com recently, and I recall that they were at least as costly as what Infinity charges.


Playing devil's advocate, here are some reasons for NOT wanting retracts:

  • Give up some fuel capacity.
  • Implications of an EZ gear-up landing are MUCH more substantial now (time to fix and cost to fix).
  • More moving parts to break and maintain.
  • Increased build time and complexity.
  • Imperfect gear door closure creates comparable drag to a well-faired fixed gear.
  • All this brain damage for ~14 knots?
  • You'll have to get someone to take a picture of your plane mid-air to see how cool they look.
Of course I'm sure to be jealous of anyone doing a fly-by with gear retracted. Check the picture in this post.


The best case FOR retracts is at Phillip Johnson's Web site.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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