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I'll admit I was watching TV... but I saw this program about "James Bonds' " plane, the "Acrostar". I looked it up on the web, and this site wanted to sell me a kit which would only take zillions of hours to assemble but cost only 27,000 dollars--they thought. I saw that the page hadn't been updated in 7 years. Is my ownership of a single seat jet that fits in a horse trailer just an opium dream? :envy:



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The plane from the Bond movie is a BD-5J. There are a few of them flying around, including a few turboprops.


The planes are expensive, short ranged, seats one, limited panel space, and needs a long runway for take-off. Some of the jet engines have electric start, but others require an air starter to get the turbine to light. All that aside, tubines are geek magnets and the plane looks really sharp (that's why they wanted it in a Bond movie!)


At least one BD-5J pilot had a contract to act as cruise missle so that the Air Force could develop techniques to shoot them down. Must have been a trip to fly over the gunnery range through gulleys and over trees at 300 MPH on John/Jane Q Citizen's nickel.

Nathan Gifford

Tickfaw, LA USA

Cozy Mk IV Plans Set 1330

Better still --> Now at CH 9

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