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I'm seaching for Solitaire plans.

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I am from Japan and at the present looking for the plans for building the

self lauched glider the Solitaire, I have contacted the Rutan Aircraft Factory

but they dont sell the plans since some time ago. If there is anyone out there who has some info on the whereabouts of the above plans, please

give me some information on the subject.Your cooperation is much appre-

ciated. Thanks!!

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The Solitaire was sold as a kit with many molded parts, so I don't think the plans will give you the whole picture. I did see a set go up on eBay a month or two ago, but that's about it.


You can get plans for the Solitaire here: www.dragonaero.com/RAFCDROM.htm


It's a nice looking sailplane, but if a sailplane is what you're after, there are other good composites available.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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