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Few Varieze Questions


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I am considering buying a Varieze. It has a C85 on it and I am thinking about swaping it for an O-200.


Also what are the CG/weight limitations for the pilot/co-pilot? My partner and I are "Noral Sized" folks. We are both 200-250. Will we have a problem with flying together?


Thanks, Chris

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I have a Varieze that I am working on, and have considerable time in the back seat of a friends ez. I am 5'8" and 180 and Joe is about the same height and maybe 170. On our trips to Oshkosh we were able to take about 20 lbs. each in baggage. Leaving Northern California at the crack of dawn, fueling in Ogden Utah, and stopping mid afternoon in Sidney Nebraska which is 4000 + feet elevation, so with density altitude we would not be safe taking off with full fuel in those conditions. The varieze has a much different wing than the long eze so uses a lot of runway to get off the ground....2000 feet in normal conditions at 2500 msl. Joe's plane has a Klaus Savier engine and will go almost 220 mph but still has limitations for takeoff. It sounds like you guys are larger than Joe and I so a Long Eze would probably be a better plane for you. I don't think someone much bigger than I am would be comfortable in the back of a varieze. If you did decide to go for a Long Eze, I would suggest one with an O-360 for decent performance. I hope this helps......


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The empty weight of a light varieze with an O-200 engine is around 700#, many are closer to 800# with equipment, building materials, and extras; so I'll say 750# for calculation purposes. The gross weight of a varieze is 1050#, from my understanding; to provide some off runway landing safety.


1050# - 750# = 300#


25 gal of fuel is about 150#


This leaves only 150# for the pilot.


So based on safety specifications, not even one of you could fly in a Varieze with an O-200 engine and full fuel.


Even if the plane has no fuel, two of you would exceed the published gross weight of the aircraft.


I would check for airplanes that have a useful load published in excess of 750#.


Also, with the aircraft loaded with 25 gallons of fuel and two 250# people, the flying weight would be around 750 + 500 + 150 = 1400#. The pitch of the aircraft at a normal landing speed of 70 knots would be quite high. Since the prop is behind the aircraft, this would significantly increase the likelihood of a prop strike when landing on a paved surface. The wheel struts would flex and you would hear a brrrp and find the ends of the prop taken off.




Varieze N16ND, O-200, Warp Drive 3-blade prop (sold)

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