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Cozy Mk IV Complete Kit w/ Plans & tools


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Cozy Mk IV Complete kit from Aircraft Spruce and the other authorized suppliers. Includes: Front and main fiberglass gear, windshield and side windows, all Brock Metal parts, all wood, all foam types and sizes, all fiberglass, and fiberglass release cloth, all bolts and nuts and a/c hardware separated into cabinets (cabinets included.) tires, tubes, wheels, brake lines, throttle, tubing, brakes, epoxy mixer w/ correct ratio, 1 electric sander, table electric belt/disk sander, 1 Campbell Hausfield rotary sander, Craftsman straight-line sander, Air die-grinder, Roto-tool, C and belt clamps, mixing sticks, epoxy brushes and fiberglass tools, some sandpaper. Only chapter 4 partially completed and no epoxy. Plans and early Long EZ newsletters also included. I paid over $22,000. $15,000 FIRM. If you really want to build this airplane, this kit is for you. No expense was spared to accumulate this kit. Yes, this is the best deal at Sun ‘n Fun on this amazing aircraft. If you are looking to buy, you have found "the" deal. I got married and am working too much to enjoy this. It’s time to pass it on. Kit is here in Florida. You’ll need a trailer from U-Haul or a Ryder Truck to take it back with you. 813-973-8002 NO “TIRE KICKER” calls. If I don't have time to build, I don't have time for hanger talk. Thanks.

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Besides needing an engine, are there any other parts that this kit needs in order to have a finished, flyable product? I see no mention of avionics either?


Just looking to get the complete story, and what the investment will be to produce a finished product. Any help would be great. :)



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