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Newbie question about glassing the permanent firewall.


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I’m getting ready to glass the permanent firewall and I’m not sure about surface prep of the plywood. I don’t know if I use micro as I would a foam core or just start with resin on the surface? I was planning on just lightly sanding the surface and do the lay up right on the wood. Anyone have any advice?



Cozy MKIV #1184

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No micro slurry needed when applying fiberglass over wood.


1. Vacuum the wood thoroughly.

2. Brush on a generous coat of pure epoxy. (Don't use any micro slurry.)

3. Lay the fiberglass on the wood and allow it to soak up the epoxy.

4. Brush on more epoxy as needed to wet out the fiberglass.

5. Stipple and squeegee as you would for foam.


Hope this helps!

Wayne Hicks

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I'm not sure if the Cozy is the same as the LongEZ in this respect, however,;


If your plywood has a cutout (presumablly for making it lighter) over the center spar area, I would recommend putting the cutout piece back in.


What I've found over the years, it seems like whenever I mount something on the firewall, it always seems like the bolt needs to go through where the cutout is missing. With the 1/4 inch gap (where the cutout is), it makes for a very sloppy bolt mounting.



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