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What did I see?


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Yesterday, flying ENE over northern Colorado. The sound caught my attention because it wasn't the typical turbo-fan I hear. More like a military jet sound. Large, swept wing, single contrail, ~30,000 feet, fast, white. I looked around the web for a few hours but could find nothing similar. I believe it was bigger than the Starship because I see fighters in this high blue sky and they are much smaller.

Me: not a pilot but interested engineer type.



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Well, I guess technically, it was a UFO but only because *I* couldn't identify it. I was hoping others on this site could give me some information.

It was a canard aircraft, sounded like a military jet, single (or two close together) engine(s), swept wings (too high to see the canard), high and fast, white in color.

All the planes I found searching the web were, I believe, too small.


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