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DYI, completely!


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:) From THE CANARD PUSHER NO. 30 Oct 81


George Gilmer with his EZ, based at Santa Paula, CA. George is 74 and

has been flying since 1928! George built all the parts of this EZ,

including wheels and brakes.


Probably still flying too, the devil. Making his own wheels is a nice touch.


The same issue had the following:


John Denver at Oshkosh shortly after his flight in the Long-EZ with

Mike Melvill. His assessment of Mike's Long "farr-out!!" Photo by

Bill Ebken.


Feel like the bad guy has just poked his head out from the wings of the panto stage and everybody yells "He's behind you!" In this case, of course, we all yell "Don't buy it John, build your own!"

Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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