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Canardian Confluence, Waterloo, Iowa

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Fellow Builders & Flyers:


We are getting closer to Oshkosh, & the Canardian Confluence at Waterloo, Iowa. ALO is a little over an hour out from OSH, and has three nice long runways, minimal air traffic, and reasonable accommodations. Marc’s Tour Out West will be here on Sunday, July 25th, weather, technology, TFRs, and airplanes permitting. The plan is for several of us to accumulate at ALO on Sunday, and then fly up early Monday morning. Weather permitting, Sunday is an opportunity for builders or potential builders to get up close and personal with a Cozy. There should be rides available.


I have researched the hotels that make sense here in Waterloo/ Cedar Falls for those of you who may be flying or driving in.


Days Inn 319-266-1222 $25 Single/ $30 Double Free Breakfast

Holiday Inn 319-277-2230 $49


To reserve a room(s), you need to call and ask for the “Livingston Special Rate”. Livingston’s is the FBO at ALO, and they will be your host for the Confluence. Livingston’s is also running an Oshkosh special on fuel, with $0.50 off the posted price for 100LL (& Jet-A for those of you with turbines). Current price on 100LL is $3.05, so if prices hold, that would make fuel $2.55 per gallon.


The Days Inn & Holiday Inn are right next to each other, and are owned by the same company. Folks staying at the Days Inn can use all of the Holiday Inn facilities, including the pool. The difference as I see it is that the Days Inn is the old part of the Holiday Inn, but it has been renovated and looks to be quite acceptable. Both places will run a shuttle out to the airport (probably the same vehicle).


Here is the link to Marc's Tour: http://cozybuilders.org/2004_Western_Trip/2004_Western_Trip_day_14.htm




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Just posted the info:




This is a page I put up for information about Waterloo (ALO) as an

intermediate stop on the way to Oshkosh. Nice quick flight up to MSN

for the glass overcast gathering.


The basics: Three long, wide runways, minimal traffic. Livingstons

is offering a 50 cent discount on 100ll. $32 for a room at the Days

Inn, includes continental breakfast. They have a shuttle bus to the



If people need autofuel, I will try to be available to shuttle fuel as



I will be around Sunday afternoon to play host. Last year a bunch of

us went to Applebees for supper.


I will have my Cozy IV available for rides, weather permitting.




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