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pressure distribution over a Long Eze

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Somewhere on this forum I saw a couple of pictiures of a Long Eze showing pressure (or velocity?) distribution over the surfaces. Red for low pressure regions and blue for high pressure regions. I have a paper copy, but I have lost track of the electronic version. Does anybody know the original source for this? and the simulated conditions? It looks like it might be "high speed" and possibly with out simulated prop thrust. Is there any other information like this available?

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I'd like to add that the pressure distribution looks like I would have expected as a layman with the exception of the blue high pressure on the very aft protion of the fuselage. I would have expected a low pressure area (red) infront of the prop as air is accellerated into the prop... What am I missing here?


I remember there being a lot of discussion about boat tail drag and poor airflow into the prop on the original Veri Eze. Also, I think, at one time Shril Dickey talked about less than expected performance from his E-Racer early on due to poor airflow into the prop. In his case he trace the problem to the location of the engine exhaust as I recall. Have we done all we can in this area?

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