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First Flight -- another Turbo Rotary!

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Posted with permission from Steve Brooks, a Canard Zone Forum member, as originally posted on the COZY e-mail list available at www.cozybuilders.org.


I had the pleasure of meeting Steve in during Sun-n-Fun 2004, where Marc Zeitlin flew over to Steve's airport to allow Steve some time in a Cozy. I rode back seat during this ride, which included 3 landings by Steve which were as good as any that I've experienced (either Steve is good, or the plane flies well, or both).


Another point of note is that Steve built his plane in less than 2 years -- close to 18 months as I recall!


Here's Steve's post:






This evening (Friday, May 21, 2004) I made the first flight in Cozy N75CZ, which used to be plans #1071. The plane got it's sign off on Wednesday, and I spent that last few days tweaking various things, and doing the taxi testing.

I made several high speed taxi tests today, and by the time I was ready, the temperature was up to 93 degrees, and the density altitude was a plus 2000 over MSL, so I decided to wait until evening. I made the flight at about 8:00 PM EDT, and it was still 87 degrees, but at least the sun was scorching down.


There are certainly allot of emotions, and thoughts that go through your head when you push the throttle forward for that first flight.


The flight was pretty uneventful with the exception of a few squawks. I have a turbo charge Mazda rotary engine, and the temps were a little higher than I had seen, and definitely higher than I like to see. As a result, I didn't climb very high, and keep the flight short. I only flew once around the pattern. On the downwind, the temperature was on the decline, and actually when I throttled back on final, they dropped off pretty quick.


I'm making my "official" first flight for family and friends tomorrow in the morning. I just didn't want to make a very first flight with a big audience. The other things that went wrong were that the electric pitch trim didn't work. I had tested it several times, but Murphy must has been riding co-pilot. I tested it on the ground, and it still wouldn't work. It seemed to be stuck, and would only make a ratcheting sound. I messed around with it, and got it working, but then it quit again. I have some white grease on the threads, but I may have to use a light oil or something.


The third thing, and probably the most minor, is that I have a little too much pitch on the prop. Climb performance wasn't real good, and I was not turning the RPMs that I should have been. I have a Ivo Prop quick adjust prop, so I'll crank it back a few degrees before the flight tomorrow.


The plane few very smoothly, though pitch was an issue, since I couldn't get it to trim. I think that the pitch on the Cozy is more touchy than roll anyway. Since I couldn't trim the pitch and didn't fly very long, I really couldn't fly it hands off, but I didn't feel any roll tendencies, so either I built the wings correct, or I messed them both up the same amount in opposite directions, because it seems to fly pretty straight.


I pulled the cowling off went I got down to check and see if everything was still screwed, clamped, nailed, and glued down still. Everything looked fine. Aside from keeping a wary eye on the temps, it was awesome. I was way too focused on flying the plane, and keeping an eye on the airport to enjoy it too much, but when I was on the downwind, I was much more relaxed than I thought I would be. I'm really looking forward to the next flight, which I plan on making a little longer. I only flew .2 tonight, so maybe I'll do a whole 1/2 hour tomorrow. Who knows.


Steve Brooks


Turbo Rotary

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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