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I've seen some Epoxy advertised (AC Spruce) called Polly Epoxy. They claim they are the only epoxy to have two cure phases. Any body know what they are talking about? I thought ALL epoxies had two cure phases: the initial cure and a secondary cure occuring after several days. :confused:

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I think you're right -- they're just talking about post-cure.



(From the ACSS catalog on Poly Epoxy) It has TWO cure phases, while all other resins -- epoxy, polyester, or vinylester -- have just one. The resulting bond is tougher and stronger than any other.

According to the book Understanding Aircraft Composite Construction: Basics of Materials and Techniques for the Non-engineer by Zeke Smith, Poly Epoxy is a product of the Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings Company.


Here are some points the book makes:

  • the manufacturer makes a strong point about the improvement in strength w/post-cure
  • it's expensive
  • the hardener is subject to spoilage from humidity and CO2 in the air, making a ratio pump less attractive
Since the book's printing in 1996, MGS Epoxy is now one of, if not, the most expensive epoxy systems out there. I plan on using that for my entire plane because it does not contain aromatic amines, ... and, well, everyone else is using it with great results.


Still, the Poly Epoxy system might be a good alternative to MGS. According to this book Aircraft Spruce has used it in their EAA/Sport Air Workshops. You might want to call ACSS and give us an update. :)

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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