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air brake


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OK, so the air brake doubles duty as a mud flap and shows it after some time, i'm less that happy about knowing this is going to happen.


What do you think about laminating on Stainless Steel or titanium or ???? to stop the degraded appearance?


enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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In 7 years on the various canard lists, I’ve never heard of someone ever mentioning an ugly streak proliferating itself onto the speed brake. If it’s mud, then wash it off (but I’m left wondering who in their right mind would attempt a soft-field takeoff/landing on a muddy field). If it’s rocks and FOD pitting the brake, don’t worry. Your prop will have disintegrated looong before the speed brake ever gets ugly enough to warrant stainless of titanium.



Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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