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My Varieze


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All, I've purchased a completed varieze, N78SP. I'm trying to find any information that anyone may have about this airplane. It was completed and registered as a Wahrmund-Coleman vari-eze. The serial number is 1142. The docs that I have indicate that it has about 140 hours flight time, with a Continental O-200. If you happen to have any info, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Herb

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Congratulations on your new 'baby'. I have also purchased a complete Varieze from an estate. It has 70 hrs on it and has not flown since '93, meaning it will require a VERY thorough inspection and probably start test flying all over again.

For starters, the tires are old, the brakes are rusty, the fuel selector valve is frozen, the controls are 'gritty'. Let's compare notes as we learn our new airplanes.

~paul hoynacki

Hesperia, CA

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Congrats on your new bird. Have you taken a test flight yet? I am currently working on a 40% completed project I purchased this month. All the main structures have been built ( Thank God ) so I am hoping to have it in the air in about a year. I wanted to know if your 0-200 had any HP modifications? A Friend of mine has a VariEz with a 100 Hp Rotax 912 ( 45Lbs lighter ) that looks great and cruises at about 160Kts. I think with the right mods to my 0-200, I should get that, if not better. Please advise any thoughts.



It's better :rolleyes: to have started building and not finished then to have never started at all :cool:

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Really sorry that I haven't written anything in two years. I haven't flown it yet, still in the process of sorting out some damage that occurred during my move to PA after I retired from the Navy. The plane is pretty much torn down, I would be in the process of sanding, and making repairs, except... I'm back in the "real world" work force after many years in the service. I have my own house, again, so once the house repairs are done, I can start on the plane again. I'm going to have to buy an engine as well. You know, 90% complete, 90% to go. Later, Herb.

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