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Voice Annunciated Warning System


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I've been trying to get a hold of Richard Lewis - he makes a Voice Annunciated Warning System. He's referenced on the Cozy Aircraft web site and John Slade has a link to an email address on his web site. The phone listed on Cozy just gets a "tone" not a fax - something else. The email address from John's site gets returned as unknown.


1) Anyone know how to contact Richard to see if he is still in the business?

2) I've looked for schematics on the web to see if I could build one...the closest thing I could find was a voice aid for the handicapped. That might work but it won't have all the features that Richard's unit has (e.g. repeated warnings, "snooze" the warning...)




Joe Hull

Cozy Mk-IV #0991

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I had a helluva time getting hold of Rick for a few weeks, then he was easy to get. Appararantly he travels a lot. I think his answer machine gets full or something. Keep trying the number in the Cozy newsletter.


The email I have is Cktman3@aol.com and I'm sending you his address via PM. Send him a check for a couple hundred. That should get his attention. :)


I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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