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13B actual weight


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I had a chance to use an industrial scale today so I thought I would weigh my 13B (this is for those of you who are building or using a 13B) This is a 1990 EFI high compression engine non-turbo. The specs say it developes 160 HP around 5700 RPM stock.

Straight out of the car but without starter, distributor, alternator, air pump and associated brackets, with manifolds and everything else:

306 LBS

Now, I

took off everything but the water pump and flywheel (manual transmission):

215 LBS



Drain the oil and water, take off oil filter and flywheel:

190 LBS


(Scratching head)


Take off water pump and oil pump housing


175 LBS


Maybe something is living inside of the engine that weighs about 20 lbs.

Are these weights as advertised?

Or do I suspect a little stretching of the weights (some women do that, guys too I guess, but women are more known for it...saying they weigh less than they do....)


I am thinking that with all the right stuff added back on (no turbo) I may squeeeeek by at 275 not counting fluids.


Thoughts anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Freezing in Ohio at the moment..




Back to building... #618 Cozy MK IV


My Cozy web pages, courtesy: Rick Maddy... :cool: WN9G :rolleyes:

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How accurate is that scale. I have used some and that could vary a tad, I have access to a medical scale which would allow a very accurate reading. Also is your engine alloy or not? Some offer alloy components to build from. Weight is every thing.

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Aluminum 13B / 20B Components ------------------------  ( near bottom of that page ).


http://www.racingbeat.com/RX7-1986-1992/Rotor-Intermediate-Housings.html  Another site.


http://www.rotaryengine.com/services/aluminumhouse.htm   Another site.


Google may have several more.


There maybe others whom sells these and higher quality I cannot say.

I do know the 3mm Apex Seals are the best upgrade money can buy for these. So I am told.


http://www.rx7club.com/race-car-tech-103/racing-beat-aluminum-side-housings-761053/  Notes the weights OEM vs. One Venders parts.

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