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NG-6 Tapered bearing


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Hi Canardiens,




I have 2 Questions regarding the landing gear of my COZY 3. I'll post them in 2 different messages. Let's start with the first one in this



Since I bought my COZY 3 from the builder one year ago, I have noticed that my aircraft tends to turn left while taxing and during T/O roll on a flat surface with no crosswind.


Just recently I was reading an old CSA article by Jack Wilhelmson (issue 52 p28). In that article, he explains how his Cozy didn't taxi straight after having flown a couple hundred of hrs. He then made the upgraded NG-6 tapered bearings, which he still sells today. The same article is in a Cozy newsletter (CNL 64/5) and I believe it was a recommendation by Nat to do the upgrade as well.


I still have the standard Brock NG-6 in my COZY 3 which now has about 500hrs TT.


My questions are:


1/ Did anybody of you guys had similar problems (aircraft not taxing straight), and did the upgrade really clear the problem?


2/ My aircraft always turns to the left on the ground. If you have this particular problem with the NG-6, does it then not turn sometimes left, next time right... or can it be like that mine where the tendency is always to one side only (mine to the left).


3/ Anybody who has done the change from the standard NG-6 to Jack's tapered one, please comment on the job that needs to be done. How long..., difficult, tricks,etc...? Jack has emailed his Word-doc with the instructions, but I'd like to hear experiences from more people around, since I'm not a builder and no real expert... But willing to learn.


4/Any other thoughts on what might cause my not straight tracking? I checked the brakes, no dragging brakes. On firsthand, wheel alignment seems fine as well.




Hope all of the above is clear and that some of you want to share your experiences,



Save Canard-flying to all of you,







PS: Jack if you read this post, thanks again for your email reply. I would like to have a maximum of "others" experience, that's why I question this group. You'll hear from me!




Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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Wheel allignment, you may have to shim the wheels straight, they make taperred shims.


i think they are suposed to be toe in 1/4 of one degree(good lock figuring that one out at this stage, but you may have an allignment problem


How is the tire wear??


enjoy the fly



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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I guessed that it might be wheel alignment too. How did you check your alignment? I did my EZ a long time ago so I don't recall particulars. On my Velocity, I popped a chalk line down under the center of the airplane out past the nose. Then I lashed a couple of laser levels to the outboard wheel rims (had to shim them out to clear the tires) and marked a 2x2 or 2x4 with the center and both laser marks right at the wheel. I then moved the 2x4 out forward 10', centered it and checked the laser spots against the points made at the wheel and shimmed to specs. I believe it was something like 4" toe in at 10' on each wheel but don't hold me to that.


Hope this helps .... Jim S.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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