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Builders in Canada/Toronto ?

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I've been considering the Cozy for a long time now. I have decided that I need to see one in real life and talk to a builder (preferably flying) to make the decision.


Problem is, I'm in Canada, near Toronto. Would someone on this list be located around there ?


My questions would center around the practical aspects of procuring materials from the US, and the regulatory process you have to go through.





I can be contacted at kents@snak.com

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Hi Kent. Welcome!


There was a thread in this forum entitled "Canadian MARK IV Builders" a few months ago. Do a search on the forum and you should pick up quite a few leads.


There are at least five builders in the Edmonton/Calgary area, most of whom (like me) are in the early stages.


The Recreational AIrcraft Association (RAA) publishes a pretty good manual that details the Canadian aviation requirements for homebuilts. Check out www.raa.ca for details.


I believe there is a fellow in Montreal who is flying a Cozy III, but other than that I don't know of any flying Canadian Cozy's.


Dan Tomlinson on this forum seems to have pretty good handle on Canadian sources for materials. Others (like me) have used the US suppliers.


Hope that helps, email me if you need more specific info on anything, Get ready to have tonnes of fun!







Trevor Howard

Edmonton, AB




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Thanks for the replies :)


I found the old thread that was referenced and I'll try to get in touch with the people mentioned.


I'm surprised to hear of small community of builders in Calgary but just a single one around Toronto...


Anyway, thanks again.


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When I started to think seriously about building about this time last year I tried pretty hard to find Canadian supliers. My main motivation was the sorry state of the Canadian dollar (about $1.55 to the US$ at the time). Now that its around $1.32 I don't think the drive would be nearly as high.


The results of my search were pretty fruitless anyway. I found some places for most things, but I could never be really sure that it was exactly what is specified (ie. the EXACT type and weight of glass and foams). In the end, the assurance that Wicks knew what they were doing and the testimonial of many builders weighed more than my thriftiness. Also helped that the dollar was up to around $1.40 at the time I ordered.


The only thing I got in Canada was the epoxy from Airheart. They are the NA suppliers so it makes no sense to ship it back across the border from the states. Also they are GREAT to deal with. The owner is familiar with plane building and loves Cozy builders.


Another builder in your area, I think, is Dave Wilnious (sp?). He has a web site. Go to www.cozybuilders.org to get a link. He did the trip across the border thing so you may want to talk to him about it.


From third hand knowledge there is also another builder in Grande Prairie that I'm told is almost ready to fly. If you are on here I would love to have a chance to take a look at your project.

Rui Lopes

Cozy MkIV S/N: 1121

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