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Engine monitor EDM JPI 800


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Hi builders and Cozy-flyers,


I'm planning to install an Engine monitor of JPI, the EDM-800-4c.

Have a few questions about this setup:


* Has as anybody of you guys done a similar setup, or the EDM-700?

* How many wires are going through the firewall?

* I have a 4Cyl CHT and single EGT, can I use the same wires? I have no fuel flow now, but will install one with the EDM 800.

* Anybody knowing from experience, how long the installation takes?

* ON the JPI website, the EDM-800 costs 3600$, SPruce and Pacific avionics sell the units for 3060$. Any other good places to buy?

* All other info concerning the above , more than welcome...



Safe flying (or building),








Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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