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Deltahawk 1st flight


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Most of you may know that Deltahawk Diesel 160 hp engine made its first flight on May 3rd. The Velocity RG made 140kt @ 5500 ft. May 13th it flew 170kts TAS @ 10,500 ft. It weighs in at 335 lbs installed with oil and coolant. They expect to start production first of 2004. I know..I know they made promises like that before, but they never flew before now. In reading most of the messages in the Engine section, no one talks about the near future demise of AVGAS. Since the DH160 is using Jet A fuel or #2 diesel, wouldn't COZY builders or any builder who is still working on their project consider this engine? I'm still dreaming about a COZY IV, but by the time I will, the DD will have been proven. The other companies are planning or have planned diesel engines. The cost is expected to be $20-$21K, but you'll save on fuel cost, it's more efficient than the Lycoming equivalent, and at TBO will only cost $4000 to rebuilt (their estimate). A 200 hp DH200 V8 will follow after the FAA certifies the DH160. Any thoughts?


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Everyone will have to balance a proven design to the benefits.


Deltahawk has made many promises they cannot keep. Can we trust them? What's to say they won't be gone in a few years (80+% are). If they go how we get parts and support for the engine?


I am a big fan of diesels, as is everyone in aviation that knows anything about engines. Diesels last longer, burn less fuel and have fewer parts. Some of the designs are lighter and take advantage of new materials and production techniques.

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Your criticism of the company's past performance may be fair, however you're jumping the gun on parts, supplies and service. Once testing is completed and FAA certification is granted, they would have reason to develop service locations, parts etc. As a way of updating experimenters, they're offering a free video of the first test flight to EAA chapters. Now that they have a flying engine, I'd be pretty surprised if their investors backed out now. I'd suggest to all that a visit to their website, http://www.deltahawkengines.com, would answer most people's questions. I have no vested interest in the company, but I do think it is the closest to production of a diesel aircraft engine.:)


Cozy IV Plans #1161

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Hi GregL and the others,


As a European COZY owner, I would like to let you know, that Europe has 2 certified companies selling Diesel aircraft engines since more than a year now.


1/ German, Thielert, selling the Centurion 1.7 , JAR certified, FAR certification soon. website: http://www.centurion-engines.com/

2/ SMA in France selling the 230hp JAR and FAR certified since July02

website: www.smaengines.com/en


Unfortunately prices or still high, but the general thought is that they will decrease once production is up to speed.


I agree that Deltahawk has had the coming first flight on their website, for far too long and that the company lost a bit of her confidence in the general aviation world...especially here in Europe.


Guys, with the AVGAS fuel prices minimum 3 times as much as in the US, the move to Diesels, seems to be more an urgent thing here than in the US.


Maybe some will not agree, but aviation is not "only" an American thing!


There's no political motive in this post, only a piece of thought...

Don't understand me wrong, I might very well order a Deltahawk engine if this is the best deal of the moment.


Hope this helps,


Happy landings, be it in the US, Europe or the rest of the world...





Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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