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Modified pods


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Speaking of baggage pods, “I have a dream”, since my wife is demanding at least one pod and I want a clean, light airplane, an opportunity is at hand. Now for the dream part. What if one could modify a pair of pods to be removable and further modify to carry baggage, fuel, O2, or whatever? If this was possible, one could configure the aircraft for a number of situations like; 1) Super long-range flights with one or both pods carrying fuel. 2) Long range high altitude with one pod carrying fuel and the other an O2 bottle. 3) Some baggage and fuel or O2. 4) The best configuration would be clean and free when pods are not needed. For the extra fuel system I’m thinking a bladder type cell, say 5 to 7 gallons each with an electric pump and quick disconnect setup. Pumps can be attached to the bladder. All that’s needed is a short fuel feed line and two wires in each wing. For the O2, pick a wing and install one line into cabin that connects to a regulator and manifold setup, which could be removable too. Other than a few lines, disconnects, mounting hard points, and some wire, not much in the way of extra weight would be permanently installed in the aircraft. What about some IPA for that anti-ice system? Maybe we shouldn’t go there.


What do you all think?


Mark 793 still need $ for wing stuff


Mark 793

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Hi Mark,

I've toyed with the pods idea, but decided to leave it until the plane's flying. It wouldnt be a difficult retrofit, and it sure would look cool. I think if I was doing pods, the main reason would be fuel and I'd want more than 7 gallons per side. I'd like to increase the range by 50% or more to facilitate ocean crossings.


The plumbing required for O2, the potential for leaks at the wing root connections, the relative danger of loosing O2 at height, and the wasted space in the pod might make me leave that one out, and simply mount an O2 bottle behind the seatback when needed.


Other than it being a lot of trouble just to avoid cluttering up the back seat, I don't see any problems with you're dream. I think it's good to have something like this that put's an individual stamp on you're plane - just try not to let it divert you too far from the main task. My wife wanted air conditioning, so in it goes.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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