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Pre purchase inspection COZY3


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Hi Canardiens,


I'm in the process of buying a COZY 3, with a O235 engine. Only need to do the inspection of the aircraft and fly it!


Can anybody help me with a list of the things to be checked on a "pre-purchase" inspection for the COZY 3?


Any specific weak points I should know about?


All info is more than welcome, but I'm a bit in a hurry...leaving in 24hrs or so!


So, if you guys can help me, please mail: flybjorn@emirates.net.ae


Thanks and a Happy 2003 to all of you,



Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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I sent this via email, but then thought that it might be a thread of interest to others considering buying a used Cozy. No doubt others can add to my list of things to look for.


The ideal would be to take an experienced composite builder (or better still, a Cozy flyer) with you on the inspection. If you have the opportunity, take some digital pictures and post them for comments. If this is not possible, then here are a few things to look out for, most of which will be obvious.


Bottom line: If it flys well, looks good and the price is right, you'll probably love it.


You might also call Nat Puffer (designer) at 480-981-6401. Get the serial number. Nat might know the history of the airplane. He may also be able to point you to a nearby builder who can look at it for you.


Items to check:




How straight are the trailing edges of wings, elevator, rudders

How smooth is the finish - look for minor bumps and dips in the paint

Look particularly around the winglet / wing attach, strake / fuselage join

How even and smooth is the wing leading edge?



Lift the wings. Any play?

Lift the canard. Any play?

Look at the canard attach tabs

Main wheel strut near the wheels - any sign of heat?

condition of prop

look at aileron / elevator gap - 1/8 inch?

elevator balance should be checked at some point (not trivial on a casual inspection)

any sign of structural repairs?



Any lag?

any side movement of bearings in wing roots?



Nose Retract - manual or auto. If manual, has it been reversed

Panel - age of radios etc.



How neat is it

type of connections


Modifications from plans:

Ask the owner to point out anything that isnt per plans



total time since last overhaul

who did the last overhaul

How professional does the installation look?

Any automotive hoses / hose clips?

ignition system - mags? mag drop?

condition of oil?



what is the gross weight?

Take off roll

gals / hr at cruise

max speed

landing speed

brakes - stopping capability

are the elevators in trail during cruise?

are the rudders in trail when at rest?

are the ailerons even and in trail in cruise?

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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