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OMG Check this out!!


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As soon as I saw this site I was reminded of numerous written comments by Nat himself about another recent design touting "Proven" technology, used in "other aircraft." The specs page makes frequent use of the word "should" as well. Apparently it hasn't flown.


I'm just a newb, but the salesmanship sounds strikingly familiar.


It does look cool though. Looks like someone merged the more appealing characteristics of an F117 with a B2. I wonder... Would ATC even see this thing coming? Shape has a lot to do with stealth, more than just materials.


Having said that, I can just imagine Al-Qaeda getting their hands on a few of these. :eek:

Evan Kisbey

Cozy Mk IV plans # 1114

"There may not be any stupid questions, but I've seen LOTS of curious idiots..."

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