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Product Report - Top Gloss

John Slade

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For those using Polyfiber's Smoothprime and considering Top Gloss a word of advice... Don't.

Smoothprime is great stuff, but the Top Gloss leaves a lot to be desired. I'm no paint expert, but here's my experience for what it's worth....

I was told (or read) that Top Gloss is good at blending and small patch work. Not true. I installed fuel caps after finishing and polishing the strakes (dont ask) and was told by Polyfiber that the best way to "blend" the two areas was to mask, then color sand the join. Forget it. This paint will NOT feather. Sanding the join was like watching a receding coastline. Tiny bits would break off the new (two week old) paint as soon as they got thin enough. I'm not even sure that another coat on top will cover the bump between the two previous coats. The only way to remove the bump entirely would be to remove all of the Top Gloss paint, rub everything down to primer and reprime. In general, the paint goes on fairly easily, and it's non-toxic, but it takes a LOT of work to color sand and buff-up a good shine, and the paint can peel off in chunks once it comes loose. I'm repainting my strakes (with Top Gloss), but when I repaint the whole plane (I'm sure I will have to) I'll use a different gloss paint.

My 2c

John Slade

Cozy IV # 757


She has brakes!

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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