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Just a thread to help everyone stay in contact more easily.


Like many ppl(people not Private Pilots License :-) I use msn messenger but to enable chat with my friends I've started using a piece of software called Trillian, available as freeware from download.com. It lets ppl with MSN Messenger talk to ppl with Yahoo Mesenger or Aol Messenger. great lil' piece of software.


Forums are good for technical or general info but for a more personal touch i think messenger would be a great idea, letting ppl talk to each other in real time instead of waiting for a reply to your thread.


I'll start the ball rolling, I dont use the email for anything other than messenger so I'm not bothered about the address getting into the hands of marketing agencies.


When your adding a contact to messenger software use: datalore@hotmail.com

I'll never get this project off the ground. lol :-)

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