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    engine puzzle

    N118SJ was restored to flight over the Covid break. This plane first flew in 1981 and had over 1300 hours when I retired it when my Defiant was flying in 2005. The restoration included a rebuilt O-200 to replace the C-90-8. The new engine uses a standard MS carburetor and has duel PMags. The engine runs very smoothly and has great power but sometimes when I'm in level cruising flight with low cruise power I get a very short hiccup every time I hit a bump in the air. Power is normal when the usual one g comes back. Very short period hiccups for which I have no explanation. I have examined the fuel system and found nothing dirty and the ignitions appear to be working just fine. I have not disassembled the carburetor to see if anything was contaminated. I'm hoping someone out there might have some idea about that is happening. Steve

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