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  1. Not the primary, but "imperfections" are always a factor of satisfaction. I still prefer to think that impossibility to extend Q2 a little to fit the dog or auxiliary tank isn't impossible, but just lack of my education preventing me to make necessary calculations and changes.
  2. Thanks. I suspected that answer. Long EZ looks absolutely great, except it "hanging legs". :) I got over-excited with Q2 exactly because it's the only aircraft without any dangling things at all. Even antennas are all hidden, thanks to absence of metal in a body.
  3. Hey, guys. I'm a 40+yo newbie to aviation, so, please, excuse my questions if they seem a little dumb. I'm going to get my PPL next year (if that pandemic stuff will finally finish) and then the question about aircraft will get sharp. I got very, extremely impressed with Q2 and thinking about building my own. But there is a thing about it that may be a show-stopper — I have a dog that I definitely want to keep with me. So I need a space for her — about a max-size transportation cage — 50x90cm on the floor. As far as I seen here there is a plenty of space behind the seats, so how do you think would I be able to manage the open-access dog place there while building my own plane? Also, that dog is about 30 kilograms, so I'd like to avoid overweighting the plane. Standard wings can maintain that additional weight at this place or I will need deeper construction modifications? Another thing I'm concerned about is the range: about 800 kms will be too short for me, since there are not much places to fly to from Israel and I need to have 1200-1500km hops range to reach Europe. Any complete projects with doubled range you're aware about? Is there any information about such mods anywhere? I failed to google it out.

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