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  1. Kent, Thank you for the advice and information. I am almost though your Long Ez post. Fantastic reading and very informative. John
  2. I have recently came across unbuilt varieze kit for sale in my area. The seller states that he has the following: Original plans, original Canard Pusher letters, templates, canopy, landing gear, tires-wheels, cowling, wingspan fittings, Brock hardware kit, all foam, fiberglass cloth. No engine mount, engine or avionics. Always been stored in climate control room. All was purchased by his late father in the 80,s. He has sent me pictures of it all. He is asking 4K . I know value is subjective. But base on what he has, is 4K reasonable? If not, what would the expected value be? I personally only have ever seen 2 unused sets of original plans for sale and I have never came across all original hardware and such. I know you can buy a finished varieze for 15k-25k, or a unfinished project for around what he is asking. Not common in my area though. I would prefer to build than buy anything already started. I have tried pricing it all out separately, but cannot find out cost for all of the hardware to build or buy. Does the foam of fiberglass go bad sitting around all of these years? I am driving up to look at it all in person this coming Sunday. Any particular item make or break the deal? Varieze fits my mission more than a Long Ez. Thank you for any help and suggestions.

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