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  1. Thank you for the pics, those will help a lot. During my research, I made a excel doc for playing with cg numbers. I found that me and my friend in the standard unmodified seating would end up being too far forward cg. My original plan was to just move the seats back which would work. I was considering the Eracer because it is already in this configuration. However another problem that came up was shoulder space. So without making the fuse wider, I decided on the stagger seating, this will fix both the cg and the shoulder space. No mater how I try and run the numbers, I can not get the plane to balance with me solo and no ballast, and allow my friend and his girl to fly as well. We will not be stating the the project until after Oshkosh 2020. I want to see all my options for kit/plans before making my final decision. I am looking forward to the build. regardless of how long it takes. Im currently building a 3d model of the Aerocanard SB (since the plans are open source) using the cozy bulkhead files in Sketchup to try and work out the design changes.
  2. Im not in a position to do it right now, but I plan on making a mock up to see what all needs to get changed before stating on the project. I have a working model in Sketchup currently and im starting to see the domino effect changes make. biggest so far is the landing brake, next up with the copilot stick, then rudder. Thank you all for the info
  3. I have been looking at that one. There are pics of another one as well cant find any info on it though. That is where I got the 13 inch stagger from. Figure if it worked for them it can work for me.
  4. After some more research I have decided to go with staggered seating. I plan to move the pilot seat and instrument panel back 7 inches and stagger the copilot back an additional 13. This will allow me and my friend to fly the plane in the middle of the cg range. I will require around 30 lbs of ballast to fly solo but that is a fair compromise for me. Additionally with the staggered seating we will have more shoulder room. Another question for your guys, for the landing gear attachment points, from the plans I am to make a 22 or so layer block of glass equaling a total of 1/4 inch. Any reason why a sheet of 1/4 inch g-10/fr4 could not be substituted for this part?
  5. Hi all, im considering a cozy build. due to weight limitations I am considering moving the pilot seats back some. I would like to run some calculations to see how much is required. Does anyone have any weights for their projects air frame only no engine or electronics
  6. Another thought I had was move the front seats back around 8 inches. For my mission, I only need two seats anyway. Running the cg numbers with the new position this would put me and my friend within the range and weight with full fuel
  7. Hello all, I am in the very early prebuild stage for a home-built project. I really love the canard look but running into a couple problems. First off, my friend and I are planning on building the plane. Combined we are around 500 lbs, from what I have read the max front seat weight is around 400 so at first glance that makes this project a no go. After looking into a Long Ez, I again found the weight of both of us too much for that plane. So I had a thought of building a cozy as a two seater just like the Long Ez. Using the sample weight and balance table from the POH it looks like it would work. My biggest concerns are, how much room is in the back seat? could a 6' 4" person fit in the back? Second, would moving the seats to a center line configuration cause any visibility problems with flying the plane? Third I know there has been lots of builds where the cozy has been widened, any thought on making it 3 inches or so narrower? I could see this helping any visibility issues. Thank you for your help.

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