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  1. Jon, I’m sick of TSA & lost luggage. Started researching buying a plane,, the Raptor is appealing asides from the possibility that my non-existent grandkids will be graduating college before its possible to fly one. Zero plans to buy one & replace the engine but, thought I would ask the experts why he doesn’t Really appreciate your response, thank you for educating me. taking my pilots license & will no doubt need to fly a cessna for a while.
  2. A question for the aircraft technicians out there. If you took the Raptor and fitted a proven aviation engine, i.e. something like Velocity’s set-up, would that be the way to test the rest of the Raptor concept? we know Peter wants to use the economical advantages of an Audi engine but, a plane that does not fly is called a “model” and the fuel economy is irrelevant. How challenging is it to swap an aviation engine with an automobile engine or vice versa?

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