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  1. slmbluesky

    New Long-ez build

    Thanks for the replies! I’ve been reading about the cozy and it does seem like it would be a great plane to build also! I have debated on what to build and have settled on the longez for a few reasons. Thank you for the links, I will definitely keep reading as much as I can find. It is so helpful and inspiring to see people sites with pictures and progress. 1: I fly for a living so if I am going to go fly for fun on my time off I really want it to be fun 2: I don’t envision myself flying my family on vacations with it. I would use flight benefits. It would mostly be for fun or occasionally flying to commute to work (on good weather days) which would be a 2-3 hour flight at most. I would need to bring a suitcase and another small bag which i would put in the Back seat. My goal is to build it in 5 years.
  2. slmbluesky

    New Long-ez build

    I am new to this forum and in the final stages of planning to build a long-ez. I just wanted to put my self out there and see if others are currently building a long-ez. I have been wanting to do this for about 10 years now and finally ready and am very eager to get started; hopefully within the next month. I live in west central Illinois and am an airline pilot. A lot of the info I have seen and read is over 10 years old and I am basically just wondering how much active support there currently is in the community or that I could expect during this process if I run into questions. I’m planning on going to Oshkosh this summer and next to try to meet and introduce myself to some builders. Anyways, thanks in advance for the support.