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  1. Hi Folks, I have a NAVAID controller that I bought on risk, as unused untested.... and it’s unserviceable (maybe that’s why it was never used). Hey ho. It’s was destined for my 1950s French wooden airplane in place of the heavy vac/ Venturi driven turn indicator as I like the display and its looks suitably retro (no AP needed) . I’m not willing to spend anymore cash on the folly of this, as it’s just a bit of fun, but wonder if anyone has upgraded and has one languishing on a bench somewhere? I’m in the UK but have a friend in DC who would accept postage to there (I’ll cover shipping). I’m not hopeful If I don’t get lucky before Jan 19, I’m happy to send what I have to anyone who wants the unit and manual for spares or repair. It does look unused and comes with complete assembly instructions and detailed circuit diagrams. Shame to trash it, really. Kind Regards, Mark, former Long EZ flier until the the lack of suitable runways in the UK got to me!
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