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  1. Thatswhywefly

    SOLD: VariEze parts for sale

    It has been sold
  2. Thatswhywefly

    SOLD: VariEze parts for sale

    hi , no we were not the wings were built approx 7 years ago , the builder was extremely knowledgeable in kit planes and built several over his 20 years of building , we purchased the kit but son is now going to college he bought a 210 and although he says ill get to it i know it wont happen, we are moving and need the project moved. let me know if your interested thanks Mike
  3. Thatswhywefly

    SOLD: VariEze parts for sale

    Cunard,wings,fuselage panels, bulkheads, wing brackets plans if interested please respond with specific I can respond with photos
  4. Thatswhywefly

    Varieze Canard

  5. Thatswhywefly

    Varieze Canard

    Hi I have one, please let me knowith if your interested , I can send pictures