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  1. He appears to be a motivated seller, maybe worth $100 for the whole thing to reuse and/or resale the parts. But then again, there is the aggravation factor...
  2. Yes, that one in San Diego looks more appealing. Thanks for sharing!
  3. The "project" (if you want to call it that) is in Colorado about 10 miles away from me.
  4. Thanks Marc, I figured it wasn't the best idea but wanted to verify with the community. So I appreciate your feedback. Is there anything that could be pulled off fr what you see to get a leg up on a fresh build or would it be better just to start from scratch? The guy is asking $1k for it. Not sure if anything could be used as a template or mockup.
  5. Also, important note. No builder logs available.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am a pilot looking to build my own aircraft but have no experience doing so. I came across a listing today for an VariEze that a guy is trying to get rid of. Not sure if it was ever completed but the pictures will show the status now. 90 % complete with all Ailerons , gauge panel, engine cowls, canopy, disc brakes, most all the rigging has been done Wanted to know if there is potential here (whether salvaging parts or restoring) or if I am out of my mind for even considering it. Thanks in advance. Charles
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