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  1. Hello, I am a long-time pilot, but have never been involved any building any aircraft. Now, I've caught the bug to build a plane. I have looked at the RVs, but am leaning more toward a canard plane. I am also new to this forum. So, please forgive me if I sound somewhat ignorant or if I ask questions that have been covered previously. My initial questions are these... 1. I've seen various posts and web sites where Cozy Mark IV mods are discussed that provide a little more interior room, including some reference to adding a few inches to the cabin width. Has anyone ever considered or attempted enlarging the entire plan by 10 or 15%? To my uneducated mind (with respect to aircraft builds), it would seen that the aerodynamics would remain relatively unchanged. Although the overall weight would increase, it would be just an overall enlargement of all the parts. If I'm over-simplifying this, please feel free to correct me! As I said, I'm very ignorant at this point. 2. I've also looked at the Velocity kits. Their performance is attractive. Does anyone have any current info on the continuing strength of that company or updates on experiences with support, etc.? I did email one of the owners and received a very nice reply, but want to ensure that anyone I deal with is going to be around for future support. 3. Also with respect to the Velocity, what make the Velocity able to rest on its main gear and nose gear without having to be placed into the "grazing" posture of the Cozy? Has anyone modified the Cozy so that the nose down parking is not necessary? 4. Finally, if anyone also has experience with the RV's, I have looked at the RV-10 and would very interested to hear any recent thoughts on the -10 vs. the Cozy vs. Velocity. I know most of the performance differences, but would appreciate any insights on the comparative construction issues for these various options. As I mentioned above, I am leaning more toward the Cozy or Velocity, but am really pondering the differences in construction methods (composite vs. aluminum) and want to make the best choice. Any general words of advice for a potential new builder will also be appreciated. I have greatly admired viewing various projects online, some of which are probably yours. I hope to eventually be able to be a knowledgeable contributor here, but for now I am just the "grasshopper." Thanks! Jeff T.

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