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  1. Good Morning Steve, I have a flying Cozy in Casper, and would be happy to make the trip to Gillette, Ross 307-277-4642
  2. Aerocomposiites.aero is now up, although still a work in progress! Ross
  3. Rob, Have you sold your materials? If not, by "Foam Kit", do you mean those listed on page 1 of Chapter 2? Thanks, Ross
  4. Did you have a figure in mind that you wanted for the project?
  5. The Feather Lite stakes for the Long Ez have an additional angle built into them. The Cozy Strakes are strait from BL 67.5 to the Fuse, while the Long has an additional (steeper) angle where the baggage compartment/fuel tank meet. Both are formed using pre-preg and foam, and are supplied with the inner laminates bonded to the foam and formed, but without the outside laminates. They are quite easy to use, and are of (consistently) excellent quality.

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