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Specialized tools request


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Is there anyone that either has completed his plane or has progressed enough to do away with some specialized tools, templates fixture or even extra matl?

Here's a short list

-hot wire cutter, in functional state

-hard templates (formica or plywood)

-wing jigs & other support jigs

-electric sizors, 

-quality osc. tool (ex: Fein)   

-scale for epoxy 

-epoxy distributing pump 

-spotfacing tool & c-boring tools

-other special tools or jigs that you found particularly useful 

I'd be also interested in raw material that you may have. If it's epoxy, it needs to be still available from aircraft spruce or wicks and shelf life must still be valid. Don't worry, I would not build anything structural with it. Only covers, fairings and experiment stuff.

I'll be traveling from Montreal to TN mid june, so I could pick them up if it's not too much of a detour. Otherwise, if you give my an approx. box size and weight, I'll calculate ship cost to bring it close to the border.

Thanks in advance


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