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Cozy Mk IV Project and plans for sale

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Dear Forum Members,

Many years ago I started my Cozy Mk IV project. Unfortunately I made the biggest mistake you can make when building an airplane: buy an airplane to fly while building your dream airplane.

Well, some of you know this but what happens is that the "while you build" airplane becomes the new black hole of all your time and money, leaving nothing for your dream airplane build. At least that was my case.

Now, not complaining. after restoring a Mooney, building a Kolb Firestar II (still with me), currently owning a beautiful LongEZ (that I didn't build) and having just finished an Europa XS I can't complain as they all resulted in a very enjoyable flying life.

So now back to the subject, for 23 years I kept my Cozy project always dreaming to continue. But having just finished my Europa (sort of similar construction) I realize the Cozy ain't going to happen. And I am just having too much fun with the LongEZ!

So if someone wants it, at no cost if you pick it up, let me know. Not much done but the fuselage is up to the point when you have to build the bottom. So only the sides (glassed inside) and bulkheads all put together. No bottom (but the materials for that part) and no external glass.

I have the plans which I promised myself not to sell (since they are so beautiful) but I am trying to lighten the baggage. So don't know how much they go for if second hand but I figure 1/2 of that AS wants should be fair if they can be transferred. They are like new since I always kept in their tube and copied full size templates. I would prefer that whoever takes the plans also takes the project since I don't have the heart to chop it up and dispose of it ☹️

I also do have unused EurekaCNC jigs which are nice. I think it includes the wing and canard but have to check so don't quote me. I will check if there is interest and we can talk price for that again thinking that 1/2 of what they cost would be fair.

Best Regards,

Chris Martin


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