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I am in the process of making the templates for the wing jig for the wing to set in and also the jig for the hot wiring of the foam core.

I am building the AeroCanard FG.  I found all five of the templates for the wooden jig to mount the foam cores into to get the alignment correct, they are numbered on the M drawings.  They is 1-4 on page M22 with template 5 on M20.  The problem is template for the cutting out the plywood is at the top of M21 and the other sections on other page.  All of the templates "fit" the plywood form with about four inches in front and rear of the paper templates.  All is good.  Now I am making the templates for the hot wire of these five forms, the ones with the  station numbers on them.  jig 1. perfect.  2.  cant find it anywhere in the M drawings at all.  If anyone can help me to the correct page and location I thank you.  My next and maybe my last problem is Jig 4.  As stated before the template to cut out the plywood seems perfect as it is about four inches from each end of the wood.  But when I place the foam core template in the jig it is about 1/2 inch too tall and 4 inches too long to fit the board.  And this is the longest board of 47 inches.   

I am lost.

Than you for any help.

John Maledy

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