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Parting out a Long Ez.....


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 Hello, I'm an A&P in Alabama. I'm parting out a formerly airworthy Long EZ and thought I would list the parts here first before I offered them up to the general public. I'd really like to see these go to someone that is building or repairing a Long EZ to get back into the air.  I'm about half way thru the part removing and inspecting process. I have the following parts for sale:


-A complete canard assy-$500

-A new canpoy-$250

-A speed brake/flap assy-$200

-A complete nose wheel gear assy (needs a new retract gear cog/stripped) $650

-A complete main gear assy with Clevland brakes/wheels and ss lines $999

-Top and bottom engine nacelles/covers $600

-Canopy latch assy $25

-Rudder pedals $50

-Main wheel pants/covers $100

-Set of complete wings (will need repairs they were sitting outside and have damage ) $1500 for both.

-Engine assy...see below.


I was fortunate to buy the engine from this aircraft , it was properly preserved and stored inside a climate controlled building. The engine specs are as follows:


Lycoming O-235-J2A, 125HP, with Slick 4373 mags, fuel pump, Precision Carb & Bracket airbox (PN#MA-3PA), Prestolite 24V 70amp Alt (PN#ALU8421R), Prestolite/Aero Elec 24V starter, engine mount with bushings, Long Ez exhaust, Long Ez baffling, JP Inst EGT system with probes. 


I contacted Lycoming and they confirmed this engine was manufactured March 1988. I do not have the original engine logs, but I have some of the aircraft historicals, notes and other info. The last maint log shortly before the aircraft was put into storage shows a total time since new of 295 hours on this engine. I can't guarantee that time, but it shows all he signs of low time. I performed a cold compression test and the cylinders range from 72-78 over 80. The prop/crank flange reads true. I removed one of the mags to inspect for corrosion in the assy case and it looks like new. I have no way of testing the EGT system but I understand they are repairable if you wish to do so. 

I'm asking $5999 for the engine assy, mount, carb and egt system. 


I would love to work out a package deal to one individual. Some of these items are way too big and would be cost prohibitive to ship. I have a truck and trailer and for a small fee would be glad to deliver or meet someone halfway or within a days driving distance from North AL/South Tn. You are also welcome to pick them up.  I'll be glad to work out the details with a serious buyer.


As always it is up to the buyer, builder or A&P to inspect, determine the safety or airworthiness of these parts before ever installing them on a aircraft. These parts are being sold in as removed as is where is condition with no returns or guarantees.


You can contact me by text or voice at 256-497-4146. Text anytime, but please no calls after 8pm Central time. 


Thank you for having me on your forum. I'll be glad to text serious buyers pics, for some reason it is not letting me upload them here. 


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