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Air display script

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I've been asked for a short description of the Long-EZ to be read out to about 250 pilots while I do a couple of laps. If its a good script they might let me fly a bit longer... We have about 1000 movements a day at the local airfield (YMMB) so low flying down the strip is not usually encouraged. :cool:


Maybe someone has an appropriate write up handy or could post a link?


Many thanks



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You could start with words right out of the POH; (This is from my adaptation of the POH)


"The Long-EZ is still a modern, high performance, custom built long range aircraft featuring advances in aerodynamics and structure to provide good utility, economy, comfort, simplicity and flight safety. This aircraft uses an experimental version of a proven certified aircraft engine, Lycoming O-320-E3D (150 hp.) It has an alternator powered electrical system and is equipped with an electric engine starter. The cockpit layout is designed to compliment pilot work load. Like modern fighter jets where workload minimization is essential, the throttle, mixture, carb heat, and pitch trim are on the left side console and side stick controller is on the right console. THe control stick contains pitch trim, air brake and raido buttons. Seating provides correct armrest, lumbar, thigh and headrest support allowing “recliner chair” comfort not found in most conventional aircraft seats. This allows long, fatigue free flights. The inboard portion of the large wing strakes are used as baggage areas accessible from the front and rear cockpit. These, combined with special suitcases and three other storage areas, provide nearly 10 cubic feet of baggage room.


The original Long-EZ aircraft pioneered the use of the NASA developed winglet system which consists of an upper and lower cambered surface at each wing tip. The winglets are designed to offset the wingtip vortex and reduce induced drag. Similar winglets are now incorporated into military, corporate, and commercial aircraft to extend range and reduce fuel costs. The Long-EZ’s use of one way rudders in each winglet, makes use of the winglet camber to tailor the rudder forces. This results in low forces at low speeds where rudders are used, and higher forces at higher speeds where rudder deflection is not needed."


You could include a stry about one or more of your long flights to visit family, see an airshow, of just fly for the pure elation of it.








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