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Complete IFR panel for sale


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I have a complete Panel for sale that is currently installed in a Velocity. I thought it would be perfert for someone building, and wanted to save time and money on the install/wiring process. I have pictures on www.barnstormers.com Look under experimental/velocity. Below is brief spec sheet. $19,000 complete.



Garmin MX-20 W/ Terrian MFD

Apollo SL-15 audio panel W/ MB & 4 pl intercom

Apollo GX-60 GPS / Comm (IFR Cert)

Apollo SL-30 Comm/ Nav With G/S

Apollo SL-70 Transponder W/ encoder

STEC 30 auto pilot W/ alt hold & GPSS stearing

JPI Engine anlizer CHT/EGT/FF (4 cylinder engine)

JPI slim line engine gauges

GI-106 Indicator W/ GS

Traffic scope

Apollo mode select panel (vor/gps)

Caution panel

4 Place mic/ phone jacks

Nulite inst lights W dimmer

ADI (vac)

DG W/ heading bug (Vac)




Suction guage

Fuel guage (LT/ RT)


Elec clock


Note: entire panel comes as shown in picture. Includes throttle, mixture, prop, switch/breaker panel, compass, pre wired.



Guy Foreman


321-626-7699 C

219-477-5424 H

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