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Texas Rotary Roundup

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I just returned from Central Texas, north of Austin (40SX, Breakaway Park), and the Texas Rotary Roundup.


We had eight (8) flying rotaries on hand. Tracy Crook, Ed Anderson, two of the most prolific rotary guru's were in attendance. Tracy flew in from FL and Ed from Charlotte (IIRC). We also had one fly down from WY.


The bad news, and the Canard connection, other than me, is that Al Getzen was reportedly in route with his 20b, 3-rotar Velocity SE (the same airframe as mine) from CA when door came open in flight. This is a very bad occurance for a Velocity..duh. He is reportedly ok, but the door, ripped off and also damaged the pilot side door window etc as well. I can only guess the door did not go through the prop. Info is very limited as I am sure Al is addressing his options and counting his blessings.


The Texas event was great and it is good to see the creativness of the installs. Also, what a really great group of folks.


If you would like a peek at the good times <g> click here.




All the best,




Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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