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What is a REAL useful load?


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Hey Folks. Some simple questions, not so simple answers I am sure, but that's why I want to generate discussion.


Here are the assumptions I want you to work with:


-2 Seat aircraft

-Long trip of at least 5 Hours 1000 NM (200 Mph)

-Going to suprise your spouse with a fun time away from home for a long weekend (Friday-Monday).

-Possibly over water, but does not have to be

-~300-400 Lbs of fuel to do the trip in

-Going to fly the whole distance in one shot




The questions:

What kind of gear would you take, and how much do you think it would weigh? What kind of baggage would you take, how much weight and approx volume? What would be a good combined weight (Be realistic) of the passenger and Pilot (Just a lump sum will do)? Where would you go (This is the fun one)?


My Answer:

-Life preservers (Flotation device of somekind, could be a seat cushion), emergency kit, snacks for pilot and passenger (Including nalgene bottles of drinkables) and some sort of potty kit (ewww but hey. - 25 Lb

-I would take rolled up T-shirts, shorts, etc, toiletries, wallet ~5 Cu Ft. .. -20Lb

-Combined passenger and Pilot Weight (Max) 650 Lb

-I would fly from Cincinnati back to Albany NY for Christmas with the Family.


As I see it, totaling that up gives Needed useful load of ~1100 Lb for 2 people at that range and comfort level. I am just trying to generate discussion on what people actually carry when they're flying this kind of mission; flying from point to point for a long weekend. Thanks, and I look forward to discussion on this topic!



Chris Zupp

~Aircraft Designer~

Preliminary Design Sequence I: Project Endeavour

Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineer

Private Pilot

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