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AirplaneForSale.tv Now Accepting Video Aircraft Classified Ads

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Forum mods, if you wish to delete this post I'll understand. I ended up here while looking over our logs at traffic coming in related to experimental aircraft. We ranked closely with this forum for the topic of a LongEz for sale on one of the search engines.


I'm posting this because your forum title includes the note that commercial vendors are welcome. If that is not the case, I'll respect your choice.


We've been running live auction ads and building our traffic for over a year. However, we are now accepting premium ads directly on the site.


It is a pretty good deal too. We charge a simple flat rate of $29.95 per month (30 days from "live date" of ad) for any non-turbine aircraft. It includes up to 100 words of text you provide (specs, goodies, contact details), a large picture (you provide) and, if you've got it, an embedded video (you provide the link to your existing video on YouTube, etc.) of you showcasing your plane's amazing qualities and features. Or just the beauty zooming 'round the skies. ;)


No closing fees, middlemen, etc.


The links are in my signature - no need to post them here in the message body. If this survives moderation my thanks to the publisher of this site. Happy, in fact, to exchange a link if desired, too.


Again, thank you.

Sell your airplane or browse the experimental aircraft listings.
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