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E Racer Project


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I am new to the forum but have always wanted to build a canard aircraft.I am sure most have seen the e racer project on ebay.Let me start by saying I am a pilot for a major Cargo airline.I am involved witht the industry.I have a full shop and a friend that owns a welding and machine shop that does contract work for the civilan and military aviation industry.I want to know your opinions on this project.I have no problem taking 5 or more years to complete since I am flying now.Thanks for all your input.


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E-racer is a good aircraft with hight performance if you use the good engine and the good propeller.

i have built mk1 type with a land rover engine v8 4.6 liters injection.

with several modification and structural test i have registred my e-racer at maximum load take off 930 kg (2048lb) same balance of cg.

you can see photos on http://tagazous.free.fr/index.php

i can transmit information on builting if you need



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