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Diamond diesels


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Seen in a German aircraft magazine:

Diamond http://www.diamond-air.at/ will soon start producing their own diesel engines after Thielert went belly up and the supply of new Thielerts has ceased. They apparently have lots of aircraft without engines in stock...


Long term testing is almost finished and the engine is currently awaiting certification. It is based on a turbocharged Mercedes Benz 2L diesel engine currently in production. Weight is higher than the Thielerts, but allegedly power output is better and fuel consumption will be lower, too. Engine will be made available to other aircraft manufacturers. TBO 1000h, plans are to raise this to 2400h. Engines will be overhauled, not changed out like the Thielerts so they will become available to everyone even if Diamond refuses to sell them. Current Diamond owners with diesels will have the option of upgrading their aircraft to the new diesel.

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Thielert is still trying to get out from the weeds and are producing about 80 engines a month, or so they say. Quite a lot. They have a gearbox/clutch issue which requires replacement every 300 or 600 hours depending upon the source. Replacement cost is $5000 for refurb to $10k for new (as per the US Thielert Dist). Cost to install Thielert in a 172 is around $70k USD.

Diamond always wanted to build their own diesel thus Austro enters the picture to replace Thielert sooner than later. Costs are recouped fastest with high cost 100LL and low cost diesel. Move to Africa and your in good shape since 100LL is almost non-existent.

My vote is for a Wankel with low parts count and inexpensive rebuilds.

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As of Jan 28 Austro Engines and Diamond aircraft have received EASA type certification

for its 170 hp AE 300 Diesel engines and as of Mar 12 a type certificate has

been issued for ther AE 300 powered Diamond DA42 NG, of which according

to Diamond, 40 airframes are currently in production.


Diamond also seems to be working on a replacement program for the Thielert engines.






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  • 12 years later...

Years later we can see that the Diamond approach was to use stock Mercedes engines which included the heavier cast iron engine block. Thielerts approach was to replace a lot of the stock engine parts with lighter custom aluminium parts. Even the flywheel was custom and much lighter than the stock engine.  

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