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Trade question/General intro

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Hello Everybody!!!! I wanted to drop in and say hello. This is my very first post. I own and fly a Grumman Yankee AA-1A. I work in West Palm Beach Mon-Fri and Atlanta, GA Sat-Sun. My yankee is not the preferred x-c machine so I placed an ad on Barnstormers to sell or trade my airplane. I'm currently building the tail to an RV-7a. I'm also a moderator on the VAF (RV)forums. I work both as a maintenance instructor on UH-60's and as a helicopter CFI on the weekends. I need to get a xc machine to get me back and forth without dealing with a 10 hr drive each way back and forth. A gentleman in TN offered to trade his Vari-eze (O-200) for my Yankee. I wanted to touch base with the nice folks here and get an education on the EZ series of aircraft. I'm not wanting to start a flame war... feel free to douse me with gas... just don't light it :) I was looking for an RV-3... still looking, however this trade offer has gotten me interested. My private email address is brianpwallis@hotmail.com and my phone number is Four oh Four, Four oh Five, One Three One Five (trying to discourage spam-bots). Please feel free to email me or call me. I'd like to meet some people here and make some friends. I already read about Waiter and Goldfish on the internet and found Waiter here. Greetings! I'm having to do a bit of learning about composites (I'm lucky because at FlightSafety, we have a full composites lab with several seasoned instructors and one works on the Space shuttle) I'm mostly a sheet metal guy.

If anybody gets stuck in the Atlanta area, I have my tools there and I'm more than willing to help people if they need it.


Brian Wallis

(looking at vari-eze's as a gentleman has offered to trade my AA-1A for his vari-eze)

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