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What's a good O-290G worth?


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Hello everyone.

We are looking to remove our flying O-290G from the Pazmany and replace it with on O-320 I have my eye on. Dad wants more GOGO! The thing is that the O-290's are hard to put a number on. We're looking to get a fair price for it and I don't know what that fair price would be.


Here's the info:

O290G 125 hp, TT under 400 hrs, Bendix mags with new harness, MA-3SPA carb., New Skytec starter, new Plane-Power alt. (60A), exhaust, Sens. FP prop.


It would be essentially a firewall forward sale. Waiting for the AP\AI to double check compressions. In the 70's last annual. I do think dad wants to keep the starter and alt for the O-320. So what do you guys think I can get for this engine?



Carlos in Arizona

Pazmany PL-1 (Flying):D

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The O-290-G is even harder to price. If I recall corectly, I got $1700 for mine on e-bay and was happy to get it. I put it on a pallet and the buyer sent a trucking companny to pick it up. It sold as a core and I kept mags, wires, carb, starter, alternator, etc, even the dipstick.


If you think the price is too low don't worry, you will still be happy with the 320.


Just one price point.

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