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Cozy 4 Project 4-Sale

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- The Wing half’s are already skinned with the ailerons ready to be cut and the rudder conduits installed. The "skins" of fiberglass are installed. This, in the plans refers to Section 1, Chapter 19, up to step 9. Left to do to complete this chapter is to cut the ailerons, add the controls, and attach the wing to the center section spar.


- The fuselage is completed up to step 7 of Chapter 8. This means that it is framed, with all the fiberglass work done on the inside and outside with some of the outside hardware and the required hardware on the inside already installed. Left to do is to glass the heat ducts and Chapter 8 where one installs the headrest. (I was going to add car headrests at a later time).


- The canard is completed thru Chapter 10. This means it is fully skinned and ready to take on the elevator which is built in chapter 11. I have the foam cores and the fiberglass and some of the hardware for the elevator.


- I also have foam and fiberglass to complete the fuselage and some other hardware (hinges, seat belts, attachment hardware, etc.)


- I did not want to sell this project, but due to some unforseen family finances, it has become neccessary. The project is at a good stage for someone to get a gigantic head start without violating the FAA 51% rule. The workbench and some other tools, along with plans and alot of building video are included. I was planning on using a rotary 13-B engine, and was rebuilding one. You can have this with the project if you can use it.


- The project is located in Simi Valley, California. Seeing as most of us are selling these projects at cost, I am asking 11,000.00 for the project which includes the engine parts, some tools, work bench, tub, fiberglass materials, and wings with canard.


You can contact me at:




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I will get some photos posted. The workmanship is good, as I have been using the low-vac system that the Cozygirls layout on their web site. In fact, a few photos on their site showing some mods inspired me to do the same. Although several of the mods have not been started, the major one that affected the tub is the landing gear. The reinforcements were still put in, but the bottom exterior was skinned over in preperation to install the infinity retractable gear out on the wing spars.:D

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